Our ANYTIME emergency locksmith service is available 365 days of the year, providing services to residents of North Sydney with exceptionally quick response times to callouts. In addition, there is zero callout charge, you only pay for the work we do for you.

Specialists in UPVC Doors and Windows

Fitting and repairing locks that are embedded within UPVC doors and windows is a specialist skill. Each one of our locksmiths are professionally qualified so as to conduct maintenance and repairs to UPVC installations. We won’t damage your fragile door and window frames, even if we must change locks altogether.

Get Locks Replaced Right Away

In the event that for one reason or another, you need to change your locks extremely quickly, for example, you have just recently evicted a tenant who still holds a set of keys, then we have the ability to help. We carry most British standard locks within our inventory and can fit replacement locks within the same day normally.

Our Team Don’t Charge a Callout Fee

Compared to less trustworthy locksmith firms, we will never ever charge you anything at all for merely visiting your home or business offices. Only once you have actually agreed to our totally free quote and we have carried out the schedule of work outlined in the quote, will we levy any type of costs.

Our Primary Service Offering

Mentioned earlier, we addressed a number of the far more typical professional services that a locksmith offers, and relevant information around what we do as locksmiths. Shown below you will see a streamlined outline concerning the primary professional services that we see as part of our core service offering:

All the locals of North Sydney are able to easily access our 24-hour emergency locksmith service, just simply by phoning our hotline number on NUMBER.

We are happy to go over to residential or business premises within North Sydney, in order to allow us to produce accurate free of charge estimates for any type of job you may require to be completed by our team.
The installing of new locks, and the repair and maintenance connected with existing locks.

Urgent access, a 24-hour service that can really help North Sydney homeowners and business operators in order to get into a building that they have lost entry to for one reason or another. Updating present security and locks to provide increased security. All work is carried out so as to conform fully with  insurance requirements.

Professional Lock-Picking, For North Sydney Homeowners Who Have, For Instance, Locked Their Keys Inside Their Property.

Complimentary security and lock surveys, the results of which you may submit to your insurance company as proof of security. Assisted closing of damaged or malfunctioning doors, as well as the installation of doors and door reinforcement. Fitting, maintenance and repair of window locks, including UPVC windows. Cutting additional keys on-site at the client’s home or workplace. Facilitate entry to a vehicle that you have shut yourself out of. Sales and setup of fully integrated home or office security systems.

Some suburbs that we can service (this is just an overview, we service pretty much every location):

Most Common Queries and Answers

We have discovered that certain questions regarding the locksmith service we provide in North Sydney are generally extremely common, therefore we have addressed these shown below for your benefit:

What neighbourhoods are included with your 24 hr zero callout charge service?

Our immediate local areas of business are locations plus every other local area that comes under the North Sydney catchment area. When going to a residential property or business property inside these locations, we never charge a callout fee.

I have shut myself out of my house, can you help me get inside?

Yes, there are many ways that we can assist you with this dilemma. In some cases, we are able to cut a replacement key on-site. In other cases, our locksmith professional might just manage to pick the lock and get you indoors. In exceptional cases, we are able to remove the lock and replace it again afterwards.

I have shut myself out of my car, can you help me get inside?

Absolutely, we can easily help the owners of almost every model and make of car in order to gain access to a vehicle that they are locked out of. In most cases, we accomplish this using particular tools that are unique to each vehicle manufacturer to get you into your car quickly and successfully.

My insurance company is awarding reduced insurance premiums if I update my home security to a particular level, can you assist with this?

Yes, we provide a complimentary callout and examination of your present home security. We will then give you a complimentary, no-obligation quote for upgrading your home security to a degree which your insurance company will approve of.

I have a very old safe that has not been opened for years, is there any kind of way you can unlock it for me?

Depending upon the make and model of the safe, we are able to in most cases help with this. We can attempt to open the safe without breaking it, however in some cases some breakage will be unavoidable. We will always explain to you if we believe we will need to damage the safe in order to open it.

I live just outside of the North Sydney area; are you able to still help me?

Although we do concentrate on location, we can travel further. That being said, we reserve the right to charge a callout fee for longer distance callouts. We will always notify you ahead of our visit if this applies in your situation.

I manage a local business and would like to set up a trading agreement with you to deal with our locksmithing needs. Would you be interested in this?

We are always delighted to build trading relationships with local North Sydney companies and would be happy to discuss your needs, please get in touch with our team today.

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